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Web Design

With the release of Adobe Muse, a fabulous web creation tool, CanDew is once again offering web design using this amazing tool. Muse allows me to offer my clients what they have been asking for; the ability to make minor changes to their web site without learning or having to deal with HTML. With some instruction, a client can take the controls of their site without having to deal with all that code! That is simply remarkable. CanDew can give you a basic web site presence or can put your entire business on the web including databases, shopping carts and so much more. Just wait 'til you see what we CanDew for you! This web site CANDEW.COM was designed and built using Adobe Muse.

A website, unlike a printed brochure is constantly changing and morphing into something new and different. It's a must to keep up with the software, trends and a fresh look.

Vector or bitmap; GIF, JPG or PNG; whatever the format, we have the CanDew know-how and ingenuity to get the very best images done specifically the web. Char Doonan has been creating graphics for the web since the mid 90s.

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