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Char Doonan

Chief Creative Officer
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My background in graphic design and photographic artistry has brought me to the next stage in my visual communications career: capturing one's personality through the lens of the camera. Photography requires lots of skill, a fair amount of artistry, good composition skills, knowledge of your equipment and a deep understanding of light. Photography really is all about lighting your subject(s).

Outdoor natural light is wonderful, but isn't always available...
then what do you do?

Learning how to be able to get those great shots using the aid of artificial lighting takes training and special equipment. Char Doonan, owner and chief creative officer of CanDew Digital has been studying online,  attending conventions, conferences and the Texas School of Photography; all relating to becoming not only a better photographer, but a professional photographer.

Joining organizations like Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and Texas Professional Photographers Assoc., (TPPA) has been enlightening, motivating, challenging, and most of all inspiring to be better at her craft.

So what can we "DEW" for you?
Our marketing and skills will focus on:
(pun intended) couples, families, pets, maternity, new born, boudoir, portraits, mature adults, seniors and small informal weddings.





New born


Portraits/Head shots

Mature adults

Seniors (high school)

Small informal weddings


Candid-Action Photography

Nothing is more rewarding than capturing a perfect moment in time and have it become someone's precious memory. Candid/action shots maybe more luck than anything else, and it's also about being observant and quick. Candid shots are unexpected, taken spontaneously; "Re-Do" is rarely an option. Several factors such as lighting, location, skill, equipment and timing are involved. And don't forget about that luck!

Action photography is being able to anticipate the movements and capture it before it's over, no matter what. I believe it has to do with the law of psychics, "for every action there is a reaction." Rodeos are the perfect example. You can't go back in time and say, "hey, can you do that again? I missed the shot..." No matter the sport or movement the photographer must expect the unexpected just before it happens. Did you see the image of the bullfighter getting all tangled up when helping with a tie-down roping event? No?! Either did I! I missed that shot because I put my camera down in a relaxed position. LOL (that stayed with me ever since).

Capturing that "got'cha" shot with detail is the first difficult step. Next post processing, digital dark-room techniques, another set of tools & skills needed. Taking that shot and transforming it into a piece of memorable art is, for me, the ultimate reward.

Candid is another area that takes a great amount of paying attention, no matter the venue.

  • Weddings; capturing that loving-emotional embrace from a dad to his daughter as they dance on her wedding day.
  • A family reunion when a few cousins who haven't seen each other in years reminisce and all explode in laughter.
  • A horse bolting out of the water and taking the rider by surprise (see image above, one of my favorites)
  • Even in a controlled studio where a mother and son are about to have some images taken. The photographer gets them to tell some of their favorite times together and the mother leans over and tickles the child. Capturing that moment makes for some of the most cherished memories. Posed or candid?! Did the photographer plan that?

A professional photographer is trained to think about and plan ahead; posed, candid or action.

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