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Char Doonan

Chief Creative Officer



Photography and Fine Art

My background in graphic design and photographic artistry has brought me to the next stage in my visual communications career: capturing one's personality through the lens on the camera. Photography requires lots of skill, a fair amount of artistry, good composition and an understanding of your equipment and available light. Good equipment and some patience seem to help a lot also.

Candid-Action Photography

Nothing is more rewarding than capturing a perfect moment in time and have it become someone's precious memory. Candid/action shots has become my latest photography challenge. While it doesn't happen as often as I would like, occasionally I click that shutter at just the right moment, and with a bit 'o luck, I am able to capture that precious moment in time.  Since nothing in rodeo is staged, "Re-Do" is not an option. Several factors such as lighting, location, skill, equipment and timing are involved. And don't forget about that luck!

Capturing that "got'cha" shot with detail is the first difficult step. Next post processing, digital dark-room techniques, another set of tools & skills needed. Taking that shot and transforming it into a piece of fine art is, for me the ultimate reward.


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