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Photo Products

Wood, Metal, Aluminum, Metallic papers, canvas wrapped or framed, giclee,

the list goes on and on! Depending on taste, decor and budget. The choice is yours!

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Final Outputs

Besides the more-common photographic high-gloss print, canvas wrap or t-shirt, there are so many other ways to display those favorite images.

CanDew know-howCanDew ingenuityCanDew attitudeSomething  I can offer clients that some photographers cannot: high quality page layout for photo albums. I have created many photo albums for clients. With my background in graphic design and typography, CanDew know-how is extremely important. See the link for "Photo Album Pages."  I use the very same vendors as the top wedding and portrait photographers use around the country. Quality is my highest priority, so I look for and work with only the best in products and printing abilities. Even getting the color right is very high on my standards list. If 9 out of 10 vendors print the colors that I send them, then I know it's that one vendor that I don't want to send my work to because the colors will be off and therefore, my client is not going to be happy. My knowledge helps you get the best in color and quality in that product.

(just a few of the many options)
Unconventional everyday items to enjoy your images printed on:

Gift/Jewelery Boxes

Coffee Mugs and Water Bottles

Duvet Covers

Shower Curtains


Woven Throws

Woven Oversized Couch Pillows & Pillow Shams

Smart phone, laptop & tablet covers



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