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Portfolio of Photo Album Pages

A PICTURE MAY BE WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS, but add in some extra special effects, such as text, scripture, stories, letters, etc., to help tell even more!

Creating photo albums takes ingenuity, know-how and an experienced skill of laying out pages as it tells a story. Choosing the fonts that match the personality of the images and the mood of the album is essential to it being a success. The clients input to what was happening when the photos were taken and finding the right words is a great mix. Some clients I spent a lot of time with to match up photos with text. As in some of the samples, favorite bible passages were used and others, actual words spoken at the time or a phrase that the client relates to were used. Not all pages need text, but when I can help find the words that fit the image, it just makes the entire album that much more special.


Next, picking which photos are to be more prominent than others. Smaller thumbnails versus those that fill the page. How many to a page? Choosing images that may be insignificant to others, but have special meaning to just a few. Which ones are nearest to the client's heart and help tell the story. There are so many choices and decisions to be made. It's like being an editor of a movie, trying to figure out just what the director (photographer) was going for at the time.


One time, unknowingly, I cropped out someone in the background of an image because I thought that person was distracting to what was happening in the image. Thankfully, my client told me there was a very personal connection to that person that I cropped out. Now my client will have that memory every time that photo is seen. Communication is vital!


You want the recipient to be able to pick up that photo album years later, and remember the small details of what happened that day and also allow others into those special moments.


With my typesetting background, over 30+ years in graphic design, and 20+ years doing photo retouching; let me help you put together a photo album that will be cherished forever!


Yes, I can use your photos as long as you have permission from the original photographer.


All photography by Char Doonan.

Professional Photographers: if you have been wanting to offer your clients photo albums as part of your package, but don't feel comfortable in your skills, I totally understand.


I understand wanting to do it all, but think of it this way: why spend the countless hours learning all that it entails to create an extraordinary album, when you can continue doing what you do best and outsourcing to me what I do best?! It's a "win-win" for all involved. Confidentiality is not a problem. Over the years, I have worked with advertising agencies and marketing firms with the same agreement.

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