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Char Doonan

Chief Creative Officer
Bottle Washer



Graphic Design

Print to Web. Our typography skills are top-notch. Back from the day before desktop computers, Char Doonan worked for Varityper, Inc. A manufacturer of photo- and digital-typesetting equipment. The training she received at Varityper was second to none. She has a CanDew knowledge of "font personalities" and how to utilize them to make your message POP. She did typesetting for major publications such as Ducks Unlimited and Woodall Publications; also designed complete magazine spreads, full-page ads, newspaper layouts, full-color brochures, catalogs, packaging and just about everything and anything that is visually communicating.

Adobe InDesign has been Char's tool of choice for page layout since it's inception and PageMaker prior to that. Knowing which tool to use, when to use it and how to use it knowledgeably defines a professional. You don't use a hand saw to hammer a nail. Why use a photo-retouching tool to lay out a publication, or a word processing program to design a web site? I say this because I actually have seen curriculum vitae (CVs) created in Excel, a Microsoft spreadsheet program. Numerous hours of labor wasted because of lack of training and knowledge! And more time lost when a simple change had to be made!

Knowing how to use all the tools in a tool pouch in harmony makes for a common-sense professional that will be cost efficient by being extremely productive.

This graphic (below) I did quite a few years ago for CanDew's Facebook page, long before it became trendy to mix words and fonts as a background. CanDew doesn't follow the trends, we start them! Also back then I had a brochure using the same technique. Today, I'm still able to use the same technique in my website and other pieces of marketing materials.




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