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2016 GAWTP

Champions of Freedom Awards
w/Senator Ted Cruz

Photos are now available for download for no cost, compliments of GAWTP. The resolution will be large enough to print a 6"x4" print at the printer of your choice or just use on your computer, phone or favorite social media site.

You may also order prints from my site. Special low prices have been made available. If you have an idea and don't see what you are looking for, please contact me and I will do my very best to help you find what you seek. Some of you may be interested in a photo album, or a collage print.

All images have been "batch processed" meaning, not all retouching or enhancing have been completed to look their best. Digital downloads will be "as is."
Click on "BUY" then "See All Products"
Select "Downloads" and go through checkout process
There is "No Charge," but you will need to register to receive the download-able file.

If you order prints, each image will have extra "retouching" post-processing work done as needed and my watermark will be put in a better location. LOL. Because of lighting, distracting background items, etc., I will do what I deem best to make your images the best they can be. I do kindly ask that when you use these images, whether printed, on social media, etc., please leave my watermark in place. Thank you!

VIP photos with Senator Cruz have a special commemorative frame designed specifically for the evenings event to be printed as an 8"x10" image. Photos without the commemorative frame are also available.

YES! IF, you would another photo that was taken by me, placed in the frame and have a print made, please just "save to your favorites" on the web site, and share with me. I will then add the frame and make it available for you to order as a print. Customization is my middle name.

Why print through me? For one, you'll get the image(s) retouched, cropped, enhanced, etc., to look their absolute best. Secondly, the photo lab used in conjunction with my web site is one of the top rated photo labs in the country; used by professional wedding and portrait photographers. The quality of the printed image is far superior over any local store offering film processing. (Where you can save money, is use the "Economy" shipping price instead of the default).  You'll still receive your prints in a few days since they are located in Kansas.

In Case You Missed It -- sit back, and watch a slide show to see what you might have missed around the room. Hope you enjoy the photos.

If you are not sure on how to "Save your Favorites" click on "Navigation Help" and there are two short videos explaining how the site works.

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