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Char Doonan

Chief Creative Officer
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Thanks Michele Cary for capturing me!

About Char Doonan's CanDewDigital Imaging & Artistry
Art has been part of my life since the day I could hold a crayon and scribble on paper. Always a creative. It wasn't until many years later as an adult did I realize technology was also going to become an integral part of my life. That's when I discovered I was a natural-born geek! So, it was only fitting to spend my life playing around with images on computers. You see, long before desktop computers; I went to school, studied and trained to became an electronics technician on computerized-typesetting equipment. Deciding after a few years that I was more at home operating the equipment rather than repairing it, my title became "typesetter." Years later, as desktop computers and software such as CorelDRAW, PageMaker and Photoshop became my main tools, I easily transitioned right back into my happy place; "the wonderful world of art." Vector and bitmap became new words and laying out pages was a new art form. Starting a whole new career creating visually-pleasing communicative art, my title became "graphic designer." That was back in the early 90s, still in the infancy stages, where I remember well, my first computer had only 4 megabytes of RAM! Now, 12-16 Gb (gigabytes) is needed to just keep up with memory-hogging software. (Like our government, the more power you give it the more it needs to run ... oooops did I say that out loud?)

From the early 1980s, my mantra was (and still is), “No one knows where the technology bus is going or in which direction it will travel, but you can bet your sweet bippie I want to continue on this journey!”

With over three (3) decades in typesetting, graphic design, imaging artistry, print and web. Still riding the technology bus, staying current with all the latest tools and I still get excited every time anything new is released. Keeping up with all the changes is a happy part of my daily routine.

In 1995, I was notified that the entire art department would be eliminated where I worked for 6 years. At that time working for myself was a viable option and CanDew Communications Design was formed. Since then, the business morphed and expanded from web and graphic design to "char doonan's CanDew digital imaging & artistry." It became all about IMAGING ARTISTRY!

Also in 1995 Marquette University (MU) offered one of the first Web Design Certificate programs in the region where I eagerly earned my certificate. As the College of Professional Studies (under the MU umbrella) expanded their IT courses, a position of adjunct instructor was offered to me and I happily taught for over 6 years a variety of courses relating to web design and different graphic applications. Also on their advisory board, I wrote the design curriculum defining the two distinct sides of the web as they related to the Web Development and Web Design courses and the certificates offered at MU.

I've been known as the CanDew lady since 1995. My love of technology drives me, and it keeps my thirst for knowledge of my craft quenched.

Please give me a reason to continue my quest in the study and creation of fine art, photography, and digital paintings.

Contact me:
Char Doonan
Home-based studio
Winnsboro, TX 75494

Phone: 262-694-0060

YES! We work with photographers, marketing and ad agencies, design houses, printing firms, and any other professional that would rather spend their valuable time doing what they do best. Let us be your special secret. You can tell your clients that you do all the work. We promise not to use any of the work we do for you in our gallery of samples or to use your company name anywhere in our marketing. You will never get a phone call from a client of ours asking if you like our work; we have always offered complete confidentiality. Our work speaks for itself. We all know that you can get the highest recommendations and still not end up liking the service or product. Offering complete confidentiality, you have total comfort knowing that if you like (or love) our services, your secret of outsourcing your work to us is completely guarded; leaving you to concentrate on your specialty.

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